Hello, there. I’m a recent immigrant to Sonoma County from the Seattle area, and I’m delighted to find a system administration group in the area.

As for me: I’ve got 15 years of experience with Unix-style system administration across a wide variety of systems (Sun, Apollo, Data General, Sequent, NeXT, DEC, AT&T, and others), and was very familiar with some other systems in their time (VAX/VMS, TOPS-10 and -20, HP MPE-III, RSTS-E, and so on). I’m a well-rounded geek, capable of writing documentation, streamlining and automating tedium, designing good user interfaces, and generally making things work and look nicer. Add in some graphic design experience, process analysis, systems analysis, typography, web design and some other skills in there, and . . . well, that’s pretty much it, as far as my geek cred goes. I’ve occasionally contributed efforts toward open-source projects, written magazine articles, founded a game company, been a Priest of the Internet Oracle, worn a tie, survived cancer, played tour guide, acted on stage, done some singing, stargazed and wrassled a (pet) racoon.

I’m currently looking for work as a system administrator in Sonoma County, preferably in the Windsor/Healdsburg area, but am willing to go further depending on the job opportunity. While I’m looking, I administrate some FreeBSD systems at home, along with a few Mac OS X systems, run my own mailserver, webserver, database server (PostgreSQL), and so on, and am working on a new website (which isn’t open yet) focused on system administration and taking control of your own data. In general, I’m a systems agnostic (“use the best-suited tool for the job at hand”), and don’t tend to be fanatical about any one system over another. (Religious conflicts are unattractive no matter what the core dogma.)

As far as programming languages, I’m a Perl geek, but have been looking into Ruby more, and find that I have a deep-seated temptation to learn Haskell. I’ve also had experience with (in no particular order) C, C++, Objective-C, Pascal (UCSD, VAX and Borland), FORTRAN (HP, VAX, IBM), REXX, BASIC (probably fifty dialects by now), COBOL (IBM, DEC), APL, sh, awk, lex/yacc, various assembly languages (6502, Z-80, HP3000, VAX, 680×0), Java, Prolog, SNOBOL, Smalltalk-80, Ada, Modula-3, and sendmail rewriting rules (actually harder to read than APL).

Feel free to drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you.