Meeting: LogMeIn remote administration


Karl Brown - IT/Systems Administrator , Keegan & Coppin

Presentation Overview:

This talk will look at LogMeIn’s set of web based remote administration tools and how they can be used for desktop support and remote access in the absence of a VPN. While LogMeIn IT Reach will be the basis for the demonstrations, the capabilities of LogMeIn Free will also be extensively investigated.

About Karl:

Karl became interested in computers at a young age when he discovered that his family’s 33Mhz i486SX was capable of playing games. By the time he was 13, Karl had already begun learning about the more technical aspects of the computer he was tinkering with. This was probably most evident the night he accidentally deleted the DOS 6.22 Operating System from the family PC and then desperately tried to use XTreeGold to recover the system before his father got home and discovered what he had done. (Lets just say things did not go well for him.)

While his early attempts at system administration were not overly successful, Karl continued to pursue his interest in computers relentlessly. By the time Karl graduated with honors and a collection of certifications from Empire College’s Microsoft & Linux academies, he felt ready to foray into the business world.

Karl supported himself doing freelance IT consulting for a few years and then in 2004 went back to Empire College, this time in the roll of technical instructor, where he taught evening classes for nearly 2 years. Most recently Karl has taken on the role of full-time IT/Systems Administrator for Keegan & Coppin, the North Bay’s largest commercial real estate brokerage. Current projects include: setting up an inter-office VPN, implementing a unified, company-wide, multi-site Active Directory domain, standardizing on Office 2007 & hopefully migrating the company to a Microsoft Exchange email solution.

Rough Presentation Agenda:

  • About Karl
  • About Keegan & Coppin & the challenges of Administering & Supporting the company.
  • Solution: LogMeIn (Introduction to concept of browser based remote support tools)
  • Why I chose LogMeIn (Brief comparison of LogMeIn advantages over VNC, Remote Desktop, GoToMyPC, etc.)
  • LogMeIn Version Comparison (Free vs. Pro vs. IT Reach vs. Ignition + mention of Rescue, Hamachi, Backup)
  • LogMeIn Features (Explanations & lots of Demonstrations)
  • Which OS’s it can be installed on (what you can remotely control) (Make sure to talk about new Mac support!)
  • Which OS/Browsers you can run the viewer on (Talk about ActivX vs. Java vs. HTML) (Don’t forget to demo remote control from Phone!)
  • No need to open any ports in your firewall
  • Remote control a system in Safe Mode!
  • Security features & options
    • SSL
    • Computer Access Codes / Windows Authentication
    • One time passwords: Printed & SMS (Demo SMS!)
    • IP Restrictions
    • Brute force prevention
    • Inactivity timeout
    • Lock remote keyboard & mouse
    • Blank remote screen
  • Secondary User Accounts to allow users remote access to their PC
  • Deployment Links (Also MSI installer options)
  • Desktop Shortcuts
  • Remote Sound
  • Remote Printing
  • Mini Meeting (Collaboration tool)
  • File Transfer (Delta Transfers, Drag-n-drop)
  • File Sharing (Fore files to big to email)
  • Remote Command Prompt
  • Alerts
  • Hardware & Software Inventory
  • The Network Console
2008/02/05 - 7:00pm
2008/02/05 - 8:30pm


O'Reilly Media Inc.; Tarsier meeting room; walk between buildings on right (towards lawn) and turn right
1005 Gravenstein Hwy North