is a group of SysAdmins in Sonoma County and the surrounding areas. (Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Novato, Windsor, etc.)

We meet the First Tuesday of each month. Meetings are generally at O'Reilly in Sebastopol. Social hour and food at 6pm, speaker at 7pm, finished at 8:30. Meetings are open to all and free except for the pizza. Feel free to bring your own food.

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Citrix + elections

2009/03/03 - 7:00pm
2009/03/03 - 8:30pm


Mike Gaal

In addition to Mike’s talk outlined below, we will be holding elections for SoCoSA board members. There are 5 seats and the board elects offices (like president) from amongst those elected to the board, so if you want to help out with the group, you should send an email to nominating yourself for the board.

Mike will be mainly talking about Citrix Presentation Server (now named XenApp.)

Approximate outline:

  • Citrix and its Technology
  • The “Farm” Concept
  • Servers
  • Applications
  • Connecting

Citrix XenApp is a Windows application virtualization and delivery system that manages applications in the datacenter and delivers them as an on-demand service to users anywhere using any device.

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RT: Request Tracker

2009/02/03 - 7:00pm
2009/02/03 - 8:30pm


Kevan Benson

RT: Request Tracker is a powerful trouble ticket and support system written entirely in perl.

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Meeting: Demystifying Data Recovery

2007/12/04 - 7:00pm
2007/12/04 - 8:30pm


Mark Baird from Drivesavers

Mark will talk about what you need to know about getting data off failed drives, and other related topics in data recovery.

We all want to have good backups, but sometimes something fails; an important file on a system that wasn’t supposed to have important files, or files that got created before your backups had a chance to run. This talk is all about the things that happen when you don’t have good backups.

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Meeting: Virtual Networks w/Untangle

2008/03/04 - 7:00pm
2008/03/04 - 8:30pm


Dirk Morris, CTO at Untangle

Topic: “Trade-Offs in Building Entire Networks in Software”

Topic Summary:

Untangle, an open source software company, has developed a virtualization platform for packaging and delivering networking applications that make it easier for businesses to adopt open source software. In this presentation, Untangle’s Founder/CTO, Dirk Morris, will lay out a new model for deploying software at the network gateway to overcome the challenges of running multiple applications (firewall, IPS, VPN, Spam Blocker, Spyware Blocker, Web Filter, etc.) on standard x86 based hardware. Dirk will present an insider’s look at the tradeoffs Untangle made when designing a virtual network and tricks learned in
maintaining high performance between competing applications running on the same system.

About the Presenter:

Dirk Morris, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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Meeting: LogMeIn remote administration

2008/02/05 - 7:00pm
2008/02/05 - 8:30pm


Karl Brown - IT/Systems Administrator , Keegan & Coppin

Presentation Overview:

This talk will look at LogMeIn’s set of web based remote administration tools and how they can be used for desktop support and remote access in the absence of a VPN. While LogMeIn IT Reach will be the basis for the demonstrations, the capabilities of LogMeIn Free will also be extensively investigated.

About Karl:

Karl became interested in computers at a young age when he discovered that his family’s 33Mhz i486SX was capable of playing games. By the time he was 13, Karl had already begun learning about the more technical aspects of the computer he was tinkering with. This was probably most evident the night he accidentally deleted the DOS 6.22 Operating System from the family PC and then desperately tried to use XTreeGold to recover the system before his father got home and discovered what he had done. (Lets just say things did not go well for him.)

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