is a group of SysAdmins in Sonoma County and the surrounding areas. (Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Novato, Windsor, etc.)

We meet the First Tuesday of each month. Meetings are generally at O'Reilly in Sebastopol. Social hour and food at 6pm, speaker at 7pm, finished at 8:30. Meetings are open to all and free except for the pizza. Feel free to bring your own food.

Join the group by Registering on the site and attending meetings. Registering will automatically invite you to both of our mailing lists, or you can sign up for them separately.

Meeting information is available via our notify list, a webcal/ical/vcalendar feed, google calendar, an RSS feed or via this website.

Social Hour

2007/01/06 - 6:00pm
2007/01/06 - 7:00pm



Hang around, talk, eat pizza, stuff like that from 6pm-7pm. Presentation starts at 7pm.

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Poll: when and where to meet? We're losing O'Reilly on Wednesdays. Please choose one of the following.'s kitchen in Santa Rosa; near Stony Pt & Hwy 12; max capacity: 12-20; frequent interruptions
0% (0 votes)
Alembic in Santa Rosa; near Corby auto mall; max capacity: 12-20
17% (1 vote)
Monday night at O'Reilly; board will pick which one
17% (1 vote)
Tuesday night at O'Reilly; different night than NBLUG
50% (3 votes)
Thursday night at O'Reilly; board will pick which one
17% (1 vote)
Some other choice? Please comment or email
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 6

Social/Pizza Hour

2006/10/04 - 6:00pm
2006/10/04 - 7:00pm

Social/Pizza Hour to be followed immediately by the meeting

Meeting: MySQL Backup

2006/10/04 - 7:00pm
2006/10/04 - 8:30pm

Backup and Recovery manager for MySQL

Food starts at 6pm.
Speaker starts at 7pm.
Show up by 6:10 if you want in on a pizza (or other food) order.

As MySQL gets used in increasingly critical and 24/7 applications, its live backup has become increasingly important for administrators. Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL is a simple to use tool to do MySQL backups and recovery. It provides enterprise level backup features such as scheduling, reporting and notification. The talk will cover the details of project (code is available under GPL), product features and roadmap. We will also talk about choices and challenges while backing up a MySQL based environment.

Paddy Sreenivasan of zmanda.

Paddy has worked on multiple open source projects in areas of system availability, backup and recovery. Currently he’s focussed on database as well as system backup and recovery projects.

Meeting Cancelled

2007/01/02 - 6:00pm
2007/01/02 - 9:00pm

No Meeting

Due to proximity to the holidays and the lack of a speaker, we’re canceling the January meeting. We’re working on February, however.

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